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Patent applications in times of Corona Print E-mail

Patent applications in times of Corona virus without possible impacts/disturbances of the legal processes?

For the big family of those working on this area, many of them are "homeofficed" now. Questions may arise not only in relation to the processing procedures, but to the ongoing input as well.

The actual situation surely is not comparable with the situation of the 2009 pandemic swine flue, as back then zero problems ocurred.

Is there somebody remembering the "going slow" in the EPO / Munich for a better pay?

Stay healthy, stay home.

translating e/g - editing Print E-mail

                     Patents and Translations




Chem.Ing./Dipl.Phys. Armin Wosche

Chemist, Physicist, Technical Translator (e/g)




Patent translations / Manuals / Technical Documentation   



special fields (e/g):

chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, polymers

physics and mechanical engineering



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